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By craig on Nov 04, 2018

Inept, rip off outfit and liars. I have cost you far more than you nailed me for by warning people about you. I will continue to cost you. You are crooked and there is no way you can improve. I would have given you a maximum negative rating if your phony web site allowed it

By Jerrod Morgan on Oct 12, 2018

Quick install, great prices, and even better staff that are more interested in what you are looking for than the price they can charge you

By John Darnold on Sep 27, 2018

By jonathan board on Sep 11, 2018

They over priced me and don’t like the way set stuff up

By leviwestmoreland on Sep 07, 2018

Great customer service, gave me a really good quote on what I'm looking for. Will end up working with these guys again on my Jeep

By Trevor Grissom on Sep 05, 2018

By Andy Painter on Aug 28, 2018

By Bryant Weatherton on Aug 17, 2018

Everyone is extremely knowledgeable about what they do and extremely helpful. Everyone there was very friendly and polite. These guys know what's up when it comes to car audio, you want the best, they got it. Super clean work

By Bryant Weatherton on Aug 11, 2018

By Ray Moore on Jul 14, 2018


By mr cotton on Jul 09, 2018

Very Helpful Staff

By Jeffrey Raetzke on Jun 14, 2018

By Lil Joe on Jun 06, 2018

Last two times I’ve been here I came in with a smile willing to let them redeem themselves as a company and show better customer service. I called before I drove 30 mins to make sure they had what I was looking for, once I arrived I asked about the products and come to find out they didn’t have them after all. They absolutely suck in my opinion.

By Jesse J on Jun 05, 2018

Had bought an H2 and the dealer referred me to Jay at Audio Express in League City. Jay sold me a package claiming the remote had a notification window on it and a gps location capability in case the vehicle was stolen. Fast talking car salesman type. Went to pick up the vehicle next day and he was very quick to hand me the keys and send me on my way. The system that had installed didn’t have the remote as he had said, neither did it have gps capability for locating the vehicle if stolen. What it did have with it was the requirement to obtain a service for $100 per year for it to work. When I took the vehicle back days later after no success talking to Jay there was a new mgr who said the alarm Jay had talked about was not compatible to the desired style keyfobs. He said they could “upgrade” the system for several hundred more dollars and it was an all day job, maybe 2....Bad service, deceptive sales practices and shady dealings. I will say the actual installation tech did a great job in leaving everything looking untouched. Taught me to do my homework before hiring a business in that area before spending $800 then having regrets. Never again. They’re a 1 time customer type place, not a place that cares about having returning customers....

By Michael Bell on Jun 03, 2018

The team at Audio Express exceed my expectations. I told them what I wanted and the delivered BIG TIME! Very happy with my purchase.

By john guerra on May 22, 2018

By Jimmy Raziano on May 15, 2018

Best place for all your Audio needs. Excellent service

By Steven Navarro on Apr 20, 2018

By Krystle Edwards on Apr 06, 2018

Helped troubleshoot my problem and had equipment on hand to solve the problem. Helpful and friendly.

By Janelle Hoyland on Apr 01, 2018